Winning paper of the Student Case Study Writing Competition on Innovative Multistakeholder Governance Groups

The Berkman Center for Internet & Society announced a writing competition to identify innovative multistakeholder governance groups and to help understand the conditions under which they are most effective. The paper I and Rishabh Dara wrote for the competition, titled “Multistakeholder Governance in Spectrum Management: the case of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India” was awarded the first prize.

The Announcement of the winners can be accessed on the following link:

The full text can be read here.

Open Data Policy and Citizen Participation

Governments gather large amounts of data and information via their Public Sector Bodies and institutions. These data have a great value as they hold great power and a potential in enhancing governments transparency and accountability, in enabling citizen participation and engagement and in releasing social and commercial value. Citizens have the right to access these data, to be able to extract information, make conclusions, use and re-use information provided, make political choices and decisions, and actively participate in policy and decision-making processes. The last few years saw the rise in interest among the governments (USA and UK being the leaders) in Open Government Data through the Open Government Partnership, and in Open Government as public policy.

This paper aims to investigate what does this opening up of data mean for the citizens and all societal actors (and stakeholders), for their active participation in decision and policy-making processes, engagement and empowerment. It will also take a closer look at the open (government) data policy in UK and Macedonia by investigating their respective processes of design, development, implementation and re-use of the open government data.

The full text can be accessed here.