Facebook’s strategies for consumer surveillance

I was asked to write a 1000-words-only essay on Facebook’s strategies for consumer surveillance. So, here it is:

You are the sum total of your data

Don DeLillo (White Noise, 1985)[1]


Citizens everywhere around the world are exposed to mass scale data collection and datafication. From mass and targeted surveillance, blocking and filtering, leaks of personal data, third party trackers and profiling[2], to algorithm politics and mediation, tracking browsing history – every user is being target of these behaviors. Governments, ISPs, hackers, companies – they all gather data and generate information about us and trace the digital fingerprints we leave behind in our every-day living on the net. As our lives become increasingly datafied, as our online and offline lives merge into one big bulk of data, many have recognized the value of data and meta-data, making individuals vulnerable to the practices of datafication.

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